Readyrefresh - Poland Springs Home Delivery
Well here goes I’ve been a long time Poland Springs Home Delivery Customer and never had a problem at all until about the past 6 months where every SCHEDULED Delivery was Rescheduled on Poland Springs End!! I normally never complain about these things but it is...
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Readyrefresh - Consistently poor customer service
They started out okay, but have multiple reschedules on the last three delivery dates. Two customer service representatives in a row have suggested that somehow this was the fault of mudslides and floods in CA when these events were several hours and hundreds of miles...
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I didn't like
  • Rescheduled deliveries
  • Customer service
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Readyrefresh - NEVER AGAIN!!!
Readyrefresh - NEVER AGAIN!!!
I signed up with ReadyRefresh by Nestle and ordered 4 cases of Poland Spring Water and 3 cases of Margaritaville Island Ice Tea on May 2, 2017. It is now May 10, 2017, and I am just receiving my waters, with 2 extra cases added in for all of my inconvenience. My...
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I liked
  • Products and the customer service staff
I didn't like
  • That my products were left on my porch and then stolen
  • That the delivery driver did not ring my bell
  • That my delivery date kept getting changed
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